Sunday, October 10, 2010

Week 2

The week I got scared. After the introductory first week we started with classes like photo technology and archaic photography (aka camera obscura and pinhole camera). Things really sped up and I started to be a bit worried for not understanding many of the very basics of photography like blende, shutter speed or ISO and spent my evening researching after school (looks like we were supposed to know these things already). I feel like there are thousands of puzzle pieces floating in my head and I really need to pull myself together to be able to complete the big picture. We also received a lot of homework this week, we have to make a kind of camera obscura and a pinhole camera! I've yet to do the pinhole camera but I can show you the results from my camera obscura project!

The idea is that if you manage to darken a room and let light in on only a small hole than if you hold a white paper or cloth in front of that hole you will see the reflection of the "view" upside down reflecting on the paper. Quite frankly I did NOT want to belive it on class but I guess seeing is believing, right? :)
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*Simply Colette* said...

That's cool! To be honest, I still get intimated by all the technical stuff, and always trying to refresh my memory. :)

Alex York said...

wow, I need to check it out my self, I can't believe it :D

Anonymous said...

so deeeeeeep :)

salwar kameez said...

Nice picture.. Love it..

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