Monday, July 25, 2011

New Photography Blog

There has been a lot going on lately and while I kept blogging about photography on Gypsy*Diaries I've never officially closed this blog until now. In the past few months I have grown a lot, shot a lot and worked tirelessly on my new photography business and I'm happy and giddy with excitement that I can finally share my new company and my new photography blog with you.

You can now follow the En Route blog on BloglovinFacebook and Twitter or just come by to say hi. Let the new adventures begin! 

Monday, October 25, 2010

My first real Photoshoot - WERK

Last Friday was a very special day in my calendar. My very first real photoshoot as a photographer. It was for a schooltask of a stylist, her topic was air and we were aiming at shooting airy shots in a fally environment. We had some serious luck with the weather, bright blue sky, sunshine and light wind, I couldn't have ordered it better! The model was a friend of mine and my assistant was one of my classmates at school. (to whom I send a huge thank you for all his help and support, the pictures would have never turned out the way they did without his help!) I used a Nikon D300 mostly with a fix 50mm 1.8 lens, a Nikkor SB 600 flash and a homemade softbox. Well trust me on this... the 50 mm lens is one to invest in!!The good news is that it's a totally affordable one for around 80 - 100 euros. Overall the shoot went really smooth and in the end I couldn't believe that I made the photos that were in the camera. Curious of the results? Head over to Gypsy*Diaries for the full spread!

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Face your Pocket

We are starting to receive a crazy amount of homework in school! One of them was to scan (yes I mean with the scanner!!!) our faces with object that belong to us or feel special to us. The idea was originated by the Face your Pocket website and while I was not a  big fan of the task I must admit I had fun thinking about the items I wanted to include. The second part of the task was to make the same scan BUT showing us in 20 years.

I wanted my palm to have a central location on the post because the future that is still ahead of me. I included items like my I heart my Blog bag, my passport and two cutout pieces referring to possibilities and Budapest. My Nikon remote also has an important part as today I mostly take pictures of myself using the remote.


Vogue and Conde Nast refer to the type of magazines I'd love to work for in 20 years. My passport is constant in my life and so is my Nikon. I put on glasses to show the pass of time and included a dice and a ballon, typical kids games to reflect on my desire to be a mom of many kids by then. :)

It's a crazy but great task as it really forces you to think about yourself and about who you want to be, not to mention how it makes you think about image composition! Wanna try? :)

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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Week 2

The week I got scared. After the introductory first week we started with classes like photo technology and archaic photography (aka camera obscura and pinhole camera). Things really sped up and I started to be a bit worried for not understanding many of the very basics of photography like blende, shutter speed or ISO and spent my evening researching after school (looks like we were supposed to know these things already). I feel like there are thousands of puzzle pieces floating in my head and I really need to pull myself together to be able to complete the big picture. We also received a lot of homework this week, we have to make a kind of camera obscura and a pinhole camera! I've yet to do the pinhole camera but I can show you the results from my camera obscura project!

The idea is that if you manage to darken a room and let light in on only a small hole than if you hold a white paper or cloth in front of that hole you will see the reflection of the "view" upside down reflecting on the paper. Quite frankly I did NOT want to belive it on class but I guess seeing is believing, right? :)
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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Model Portfolio

Last Sunday we spent the whole rainy day with an amazing team in the studio doing two model portfolios. The guys were great and I have to say I think I'm getting better and better in assisting. :) Moving the set, setting up the lights, adjusting the color and power... I'm getting into the swing of things! :) Love love love my sidejob and love "my boss" Vivi!!! :D She is so talented and I can learn so much from her! The portfolios turned out great don't you think?

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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Week 1 - Writing with the Light

When I started this blog I promised that I'll include you in my journey and I was actually planning to write a post after each photography class too. Well, by now I know that it will be impossible, but I will definitely give you an update on a weekly basis. So let's see what has happened on week one of my two-year photography school.

I was excited like a child at Christmas on my first day back to school! We got our timetable and started to get to know each other. I have classes every Monday, Wednesday and Friday night (5 hours a day) which is really tiring considering I have a normal day job, my assistant job, two blogs and a man to take care of as well. :) But whatever! It is so much fun! For the first time in my life I feel like I'm learning something I'm genuinely interested in and that is the best feeling ever! Even though I haven't had a camera in my hands in school yet we are definitely learning a lot!

After all the administrative blabla we started our curriculum with photography history. We learned that the first ideas of photography were started by Aristoteles and Leonardo da Vinci and that the first actual photography was made in 1839. We learned about chemistry, camera obscura, Daguerre, French photographers and a bit of sociology.

We had creativity class where the teacher told us that he wants to break down our ideas of the world and wants us to see everything in new light. We looked at impressionist paintings and weird psycho test pictures. We got our first homework and started to think outside of the box. :)

We also had a photo artist presenting her portfolio of artistic images, she told us about Orozco and Corucci and we went out for our first (and second) beer as a group. While I'm one of the oldest in class I definitely have a lot more to learn than some of my classmates.... some of whom have been experimenting with photography for years now. But I don't care if it took me a bit longer to find my calling. I'm on the right path now... I just wish I was more patient with myself. I WANNA KNOW EVERYTHING ALREADY!!! :D
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Saturday, September 25, 2010


Just found this online photo editing software which seems to be more sophisticated than the other free online tools like Picasa or Picnik... I'll be playing with this tonight for sure! Awesome demo! ;)

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